Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why is my rabbit acting weird?

My rabbit is still pretty young. he is only 5 months old. We gave him an igloo hut a month ago and he loves it. Normally he comes out to eat and drink and play. Yesterday and today he hasnt left his igloo though. I'm worried about him. He out dug a big hole in the cedar and just lays in it. He gets up when you open the cage but doesn't leave the igloo. Could it be the air conditioning? maybe its too cold for him? Should I take him out of the igloo? Should I take him to the doctor? Does anyone have any info or advice?Why is my rabbit acting weird?

first of all, you shouldnt be using cedar or pine bedding. it causes respiratory problems that may or may not last the rest of his life. you should use aspen or yesterdays news. rabbits are fine with cold, unless its a sudden change, in which case he may be in shock. i would say you better take him to the vet, just in case. in the meantime, try to make sure he has a lot of fresh clean, cool water and a good quality food. give him a lot of free access to timothy hay. it is major shedding season and when your rabbit grooms, he swallows the fur. he cant cough it up. thats where timothy hay comes in. timothy hay pushes the fur, which may actually clot his digestive system, out of his body so it can safely pass without harm out of his body. he should have free access to all the timothy hay he wants all year round. i hope i helped you out.Why is my rabbit acting weird?
Take him to the vet right away, he should absolutely be seen today. A rabbit hiding away is a sign of illness. Also if he is not eating or drinking it is an *extreme* emergency. Rabbits hide signs of illness until they are very sick, so by the time you notice symptoms you need to rush to the vet.

It's not the air conditioning and it is not the presence of an igloo. He is almost certainly sick and will not get better without immediate attention. Rabbits are not like cats and dogs, when they are sick they cannot wait even a day to get vet care.
See if you can coax him out with food/toys. If that doesn't work, change the air conditioning to see if that makes an impression. If it has no affect, take him to the vet.
Cedar Shavings can cause respiratory distress in rabbits!!!!! Get him some pine or kitty litter or anything else. Also, rabbit fur is warm and they are fine in the cold weather.
Take him to the vet.

Its probably because you are putting him on cedar bedding, which is poisonous to rabbits. So, effectivly you are killing him.
take the iglo out and see how he does if he isnt better see if you can hand feed it. if that doesnt work take him to a vet.
just take the igloo out for awhile. Rabbits like to hide, it's their nature
take him to the vets

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