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Can my dwarf rabbit eat carrots and lettice?

i just got a dwarf rabbit and i dont know if she can eat carrots or letticeCan my dwarf rabbit eat carrots and lettice?
Romaine lettuce is ok. No iceburg or light colored lettuce. Yes carrots are fine. For a full list of foods ok for rabbits, and instructions on how to introduce them into their diet look at the page below.鈥?/a>

Like human beings, rabbits need to be fed differently at different stages of their growth to ensure healthy development, digestion, and weight. Throughout a rabbit's life, avoid any sudden changes in diet; new foods should always be introduced gradually. Remember to keep fresh clean water available at all times, too. Water bottles versus dishes are recommended.

Baby rabbits: A baby rabbit, or kit, feeds solely on its mother's milk for about the first three weeks. During the first few days, the milk contains high levels of antibodies that help protect the kit from disease. After three weeks, the kit will begin nibbling on alfalfa hay and pellets. By 7 weeks of age, baby rabbits can handle unlimited access to pellets and alfalfa hay in addition to mother's milk. Kits are usually weaned from their mother's milk by 8 weeks of age, depending on the breed.

Between weaning and 7 months of age, the young rabbit can have an unlimited amount of pellets and alfalfa hay. At 3 months of age, start introducing small amounts of vegetables into your rabbit's diet. Introduce one vegetable at a time. If any vegetable seems to cause digestive problems, avoid feeding it in the future.

Young adults: Young adult rabbits from age 7 months to 1 year should be introduced to timothy, grass hays, and/or oat hay, and it should be available all day long. The fiber in the hay is essential for their digestive systems to work properly. At this point, they will require little alfalfa hay, as well as fewer pellets. Alfalfa hay has more calories and calcium than rabbits need at this stage of development, and the high calorie content of pellets can also begin to cause weight problems. Instead of offering unlimited pellets, a good rule of thumb is 1/2 cup per 6 lbs. of body weight daily. To make up for the nutritional loss, you must increase your rabbit's intake of vegetables and hay. You can feed your rabbit some fruits during this stage, but because of calories, limit them to no more than 1-2 ounces per 6 pounds of body weight daily.Can my dwarf rabbit eat carrots and lettice?
at some food stores you can buy special pellet-food for dwarf rabbits or you can ask a worker at a food store
Carrots are fine however most types of lettuce are not safe lettuces are the dark leafy green ones. They also love Kale, parsley and bananas. Also your bunny needs to have access to fresh timothy hay at all times this is the most important part of the diet and should also have pellets available at all times up until 6 months old. Then he/she should get a 1/4 cup amd 1/2 of that in the morning and 1/2 in the evening so they dont become obese. Also be sure that you are not using cedar or pine bedding as these cause resperitory problems.
It shouldn't be the main staple of the rabbits diet, it should be more like a treat. Rabbit feed is much better. Also it bulks them up better for when you want to eat them.
Yes but in moderation.

A rabbit education Yahoo group:鈥?/a>

Basically they need the same diet but in more moderation.

Like other domestic rabbits, dwarf rabbits consume grasses, grains, and other succulent greens. Their digestive system is somewhat less hardy than their larger cousins, and many leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage can give them health problems. Generally hay and a pelleted feed should make up the largest portion of their diet.

dwarf carrots?
i dunno...can it? ;P
Don't listen to these people that tell you lettuce is OK. Lettuce is bad, it can cause gas in your sweet little pet. It can be very serious. The best food is Purina Rabbit Chow. If you want to, you can feed it fresh clover also. Just make sure it does not have any insecticides or pesticides etc.
I thought carrots, cabbage, lettuce are their favorite.
Yes, both are good snacks for rabbits
i would say yes ,because duh rabbits dont eat meat, so my answer is yes it can...
i have a dwarf rabbit to and yes they can eat anything a large would eat don't work about it they take nibbles anyway so its not like they will choke
No! he is 2 young if u feed him carrots smush them up!
Any rabbit can eat luttuce and carrots/although lettue will make it pee a lot/ and carrots will make it poop a lot!
any vegetable is good for any rabbit, be it giant or dwarf. the key there is feeding the rabbit the right amount.
no dont feed him lettce! ,but carrots are fine good luck
there both good but i would make the lettuce small peices.and smush the carrots
i had rabbits growing up and yes they can eat carrots.... be sure to wash them to be sure there are no pesticides on the carrots. also the outer leaves of lettuce can kill your rabbit. if you are going to give your rabbit any lettuce give them the inner white part... but sparingly as it can cause your rabbit to have gas a good resource for information on your rabbit is your local library.
maybe from time to time u can feed ur rabbit some carrots but i would not give him lettuce... it can cause the rabbit to get wet tail, that can cause sickness or even be fatal for ur pet.
that depends. What size are the vegetables, how old is your rabbit, and how big is it
She will probably like this as a treat, but it would be best to feed her real rabbit food from a feed store, pet store or other store, bigger Wal-Marts carry rabbit food. Your pet will need the vitamins and nutrients in specially formulated food. Your vet will have recommendations too.
Yes, she can eat them, but they are best avoided for her main diet. If she is pregnant, carrots can act as a laxative and may stimulate a premature delivery of her babies.

Lettuce- if you are referring to iceberg lettuce- is fine for an occasional treat, but does not contain enough nutrition for her needs. Unless you have access to alfalfa hay and grains designed for livestock use, your best bet for a daily diet is a good quality commercial rabbit pellet.
i believe with the first answer! lettice can cause diarrea and gas. a tiny amount might not hurt. maybe about twice a year. im not sure though ask a vet. wild rabbits were born into lettice, so thats why they eat it out of ur garden. carrets? go ahead. but not to much.

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