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Can I put a Guinea Pig in with my male rabbit?

I have a 4-5 month male rabbit and want some company for him, If I bought a guinea pig would they live happily togetherCan I put a Guinea Pig in with my male rabbit?
I second everything Oregano said. Never mix small animals together!

However, you are perfectly right in wanting a companion for your rabbit. I assume he is not neutered? To start, you should do this first. Neutering a male rabbit not only increases his life expectancy, reduces chances of cancers and other hormone-related illnesses, but makes him more docile too. So you could then get him another neutered rabbit without them fighting, or a spayed female rabbit without them reproducing.

If you do not want to neuter him, although it is most advisable, then pair him up with a spayed female for safety. While even intact male rabbits can live in peace, you have a better chance of success by mixing a male with a female. Of course, she will have to be spayed.

Check out this site:

You can adopt a rabbit of any age, breed, size or colour. Rabbits in most shelters are already neutered/spayed, so you will save money by adopting, rather than buying an intact rabbit from a pet store. Plus you will save a life :)Can I put a Guinea Pig in with my male rabbit?
They should not be kept together/allowed to play for a variety of reasons. While some people keep them together without problems, there can be disastrous results and it is not at all a good idea. Why would you want to risk your pet's health?

1. Rabbits and guinea pigs each commonly carry bacteria that, while harmless to the carrier, can kill the other species. For example, up to 80% of rabbits have been shown to be Pasteurella multocida carriers (will culture positive for the bacteria on nasal swab). While it usually causes the rabbit no problems or symptoms at all, it can easily kill a guinea pig who is exposed.

2. Rabbits fed a guinea pig diet long term will ultimately suffer from vitamin C toxicity. Guinea pigs fed a rabbit diet will be deficient in Vitamin C. Their diets are not compatible.

3. Rabbits have incredibly powerful hind legs, and a single kick (intentional or not and even from a small sized rabbit) can seriously injure or kill the guinea pig.

Overall, it is not worth the risk.
Will you be getting a guinea pig JUST for your rabbit's company? Before you do, here are some things to think about:

Rabbits and guinea pigs can not be housed together. The two species need to eat two completely different brand foods. Plus, because rabbits can kick, your guinea pig could easily get kicked in the face if he accidently startles your rabbit (especially if the cage is small). The two need their own cages.

Guinea pigs and rabbits make great companions, but only for floor time (which needs to be supervised by a responsible owner).

Both can live to be up to 8 years old (rabbits sometimes older).

I suggest reading up more on guinea pigs before getting one. If you're afraid your rabbit is bored when you're away, provide him with toys he can chew on and toss around (special rabbit toys can be bought at your local pet store). When you come home from work/school, let your rabbit out of the cage for floor time. Talking to your rabbit's veterinarian about getting a guinea pig as a companion would be another option. Hope this helps.
idk why everyone is saying no.... i know a lot of people who have kept the 2 together with no problems, they get along very well from my experience
Guinea pigs should not be kept with rabbits for risks such as





Thanks ;)

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