Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is my rabbit pregnent when is she gonna have the baby rabbits?

i took my rabbit to a male rabbit and she has been pulling her fur out yesterday and today when is she gonna have themIs my rabbit pregnent when is she gonna have the baby rabbits?
The average gestation period for rabbits is 31 days, but can be anywhere from 29 to 35 days. She's pulling out her fur because she wants to make a ';nest'; for the bunnies. Give her a clean box to make her nest.Is my rabbit pregnent when is she gonna have the baby rabbits?
in a few weeks.. get ready! make sure u have lots of grass,,. so she kan make her nest..also if u have the male make sure u separate them.
well this is not a rabbit answer but are you single im curious
Ugh!! That does not sound like fun!! Poor thing sounds like she is in pain. So maybe soon!
30 days is typical. Give her a nest box on the 27th day and expect them on the 30th day. Wait as long as the 35th day. If she has not delivered and are sure she was pregnant, take her to a vet so he can see how many there were. He may want to get out any dead babies.
I am not sure on how many days before you female rabbit gives birth. but when she starts pull fur she is making a bed/nest for the babies to stay warm. it is only matter of time.

Here something you should now when the female rabbit gives birth you must take the male rabbit away and fast if you don't you wont have baby rabbits. because the male eats them and no budy nos why.
after the rabbit has decided on the spot where she is going to have her babies,she will line the nest with hair she plucks out,mainly from the belly , this is done to expose her teats to make feeding easy. If you have observed your doe going through these moves then you can expect the young ones in a day or two.
Is it a definite that the rabbit is pregnant? I'm not sure how quick rabbit's give birth, but if it is today, congratulations.

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