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How do you take care of a newborn bunny rabbit that you found hurt outside?

please we need help nowHow do you take care of a newborn bunny rabbit that you found hurt outside?

The mother usually comes back to nurse them. Generally when people find, baby bunnies, they are actually waiting for their mother to come back and nurse them...

How is it hurt...?How do you take care of a newborn bunny rabbit that you found hurt outside?
Well, I suggest you take him to a vet. If it's not bably hurt, just wrap a small clothe around the wound. Now, as for food, there is special formula for bunnies. If you can't get that, feed it evaporated milk, sugar, and water. Or you can feed it lamb milk replacer. Feed it w/ a eye dropper, a syringe, or a itty-bitty bottle. Also, you need to disinfecte the wound reguarly. Find a nice box for it, put some water and food in the box for it. Baby bunnies get weaned off of milk when they are 3-4 weeks old. Also, do NOT feed it the same milk you drink. I hope I helped!
. you can buy kitten formula from the store and feed it to her through a syringe. needleless though. wrap her in a blanket or towel and place her in the cage or hold her close giving her warmth. unless you want to feed the bunny every 4 hours thats who you need to call.

Buy baby carrots andboil till soft and sqish them and feed them to her.and take it to a vet as soon as possible.
show it some love, try not to scare it because i presume he/she will be very scared, make a little bed for it and some water and food =) leave it in the kitchen for the night with the light dim as well so it can get use to the atmosphere possibly.

also, what do you mean by hurt?

-after getting it medication you should think about where you are going to keep it fot the night. maybe in a recycling bin with a towl and some carrots to nibble on.

- I am thinking it will be to hurt to set it free again. You should go to the petstore and think about getting it a cage
Release it where you found it and hope for the best. Usually the mother will come back for it if another animal does nt get to it first. If your affraid of that happening then take it to a animal shelter.
Orphan bunny care and FAQ鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Good luck.
if it is really young you should get some Kitten Milk Replacement and a little bitty bottle they sell them together at Wal Mart. keep it warm....good luck!
first i'm really jealous , k um take care of him jus like a lil baby,,u feed,change diaper,and bath him, good luck

hurt?! how?!
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